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 If you want to register with Snack Video Agency, then you are at the right post. If you want to join, then you are at the right post.

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If you want to join the agency, you have a Tik Tok Instagram Like Facebook page. If it has a thousand followers, you can register If you have less than one thousand So you can't join the agency so you have to have one thousand means you have to have one thousand followers. and if you have a youtube channel it has one thousand subscribers then you can register in it.For more information, you can send a WhatsApp message to the number below to provide you with more information and only those people who are uploading their own video can register in it.

Below is more information on how many dollars you will get.from one thousand to five thousand followers, you will get thirty dollars, from five thousand to fifty thousand followers. you will get fifty dollars. More information is given below

Note 👉 This is old policy of Snack Video New Policy will be updated soon.

This payment plan is only eligible for creators who belong to the region of Pakistan

1k≤ 5k          30$      20+(15+camera videos)

5k≤ 50k        50$     20+(15+camera videos)

50k≤ 100k    80$     20+(15+camera videos)

100k≤ 300k   120$     20+(15+camera videos)

300k≤ 500k   160$     20+(15+camera videos)

500k≤ 1M      200$     20+(15+camera videos)

1M≤ 2M         250$     20+(15+camera videos)

2M≤ 3M         350$     20+(15+camera videos)

3M≤ 5M         400$     20+(15+camera videos)

5M+    Negotiable    20+(15+camera videos)

For more information you are numbered below. You can message one of these two numbers. You will be told in full how to register in it and how to upload video in it. You will be given complete information about the Snack Video app.

From creating an account to withdrawing money, you will be given full support on how you can work.

Friends, if you want to register in it, as you have been told above, you have to follow these things and only those who are from Pakistan can join it. If you are from another country, then you are not able to join. If you are from Pakistan then you can easily join it which means you can register yourself with an agency from which you will get money every month. You can get this money from Jazz Cash or Easy Money. Can get out

video given means the video you are showing below you must watch this video after watching this video you can message to one of the two numbers if your If you don't understand anything, you can message and ask us, but only those who have a thousand followers or have about a thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel, if you have fewer subscribers or followers. You don't text, which means you don't text to say hello


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